From: pom@katrin.imsd.uni-mainz.DE (Prof. Dr. Klaus Pommerening)
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Subject: Re: Block Mixing Transformations
Date: 16 Mar 1994 13:52:10 GMT
Organization: Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz, Germany
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In article <> (Terry  
Ritter) writes:
>  Frankly, I think the *practice* of Science--and especially
>  cryptography--is benefitted more from the exposure of reasonable
>  wrong approaches than right ones.  Nobody comes up with only great
>  ideas; to publish only after a great one is finally found and
>  confirmed is to hide what the work of Science actually is.  The
>  work is the process, not the result.  There will always be another
>  result.

I fully agree. I've learned some useful things from Terry Ritter's recent  

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