From: (Bryan G. Olson; CMSC (G))
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: Re: Block Mixing Transformations
Date: 16 Mar 1994 20:04:00 GMT
Organization: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
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Terry Ritter ( wrote:

:  In <>
:  (Colin Plumb) writes:
: >Sorry if it's unkind, but it's true that a part of
: >my mind is saying "I wish Terry would quit posting his `clever' ideas
: >until he learns thing one about cryptanalysis."

:  When Plumb publishes a practical cryptosystem which he can *prove*
:  secure, then I'm sure the rest of us will take some notice.

Colin is one of sci.crypt's best posters.  "The rest of us"
already take notice, and couldn't help but notice that he
fed you your technical lunch.

Sorry Terry, but you deserved the slam.

[Terry] [...]
:  Until that succeeds, Plumb might consider using my Penknife email
:  cipher for DOS.  Admittedly quite a stretch from the theories
:  tossed around here, Penknife is an honest, fielded, commercial
:  stream-cipher product...

Colin is author of the fast IDEA implementation for the Intel
chips which is distributed with PGP.  Why would he (or anyone
else) want to use a toy like Penknife ?

--Bryan Olson