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Subject: Re: Variable Size Block Ciphers
Date: 24 Aug 1995 10:28:20 GMT
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In article <419qs5$>, (Ross Anderson) w
} (Terry Ritter) writes:
}>  For some time now I have been working with some apparently new
}>  ciphering structures which I call "Variable Size Block Ciphers."
}>  As the name suggests, these constructs can be made to cipher blocks
}>  of essentially arbitrary size (typically in byte-size steps),
}>  *without* changing the number of layers or "rounds" in the cipher.
}Two such ciphers appeared in 1993 - WAKE by David Wheeler and a
}proposal from Burt Kaliski and Matt Robshaw. They are both in `Fast
}Software Encryption', Springer LNCS 809

And I proposed another approach to variable-size blocks, namely using a
Feistel network and "sliding" it along the input, back in April. If
anyone is interested and can't find it in the sci.crypt.research
archives, I could dig out a copy of that post.

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