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From: (Eli Brandt)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: Re: modran(x)
Date: 25 Feb 1994 02:17:56 GMT
Organization: Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA
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In article <2kj4is$>, Carl Ellison  wrote:
>For example, if ranno() were to return a number in the range 0..14 and x
>were 10, then (ranno() % x) would produce an element in [0..4] twice as
>often as an element in [5..9].  So, the distribution is not uniform.

Related problem: you often see code like  
	if (!(rand()%1000))  { ... }
, with the intent that the block be run with probability .001, which
it won't be.  It's pretty close on a 32-bit machine, but not correct.

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