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Subject: Re: Random Number Analysis Code.
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Date: 16 May 94 12:10:32 GMT
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In article <2r2n8v$>, (Donald T. Davis) writ
>> (James P. Hughes) writes:
>>>I am looking to find code for analyzing a true random number stream.
> john kelsey responded:
>>   Maurer wrote an article in the procedings of either Eurocrypt 90 or
>>Eurocrypt 91 that outlined an algorithm to analyse the statistics of a
>>random bit stream.
> the citation is: ueli maurer, "a universal statistical test for
> random bit generators," crypto '90 conf. proc., springer-verlag
> lecture notes in computer science #537, 1991. pp. 408-420.

Also : Maurer, U. "A Universal Statistical test for random bit generators"
Journal of Cryptology, Vol. 5, 1992, pp89-105

Having implemented it and tested it against various generators, I can highly
recommend it. Fun can be had checking out your C compiler's useless rand()
function. While not good enough to test for Crypto strength RNGs, it
is a good necessary (but not sufficient) condition that any such proposed 
generator should pass this test.

Mike Scott