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From: (Richard De Moliner)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: SAFER K-128 and SAFER K-64 software package
Date: 23 Mar 1995 15:38:59 GMT
Organization: ISI, ETHZ
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Keywords: block-cipher, software

As I did for IDEA I developed a software package for the encryption algorithm
SAFER. This package is now publicly available and the source code belongs to
the public domain.

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This software package is an implementation of the block-cipher algorithm SAFER
(Secure And Fast Encryption Routine). Two versions of that algorithm are
implemented: one using a 64-bit key (SAFER K-64) and the other using a 128-bit
key (SAFER K-128). A user-interface is also provided to use both algorithms as
UNIX, MS-DOS, VMS, ... commands.

Any compiler based on Kernighan & Ritchie C, ANSI C or C++ can be used to
compile the source code. Moreover, the input-output behaviour of the executable
programs are identical, i.e. the user-command 'safer' functions in a compatible
manner on any computer.


This software package can be obtained by executing the following commands:

     [] ftp          (or: ftp
     Name: anonymous
     Password: your_e-mail_address
     cd pub/simpl
     get safer.V1.0.tar.Z
     [] uncompress safer.V1.0.tar.Z
     [] tar -xf safer.V1.0.tar


safer.c       SAFER K-64 and SAFER K-128 source code
safer.h       header file to 'safer.c'
safercmd.c    source code for user-command 'safer'
makefile      describes how to generate user-command 'safer'

safer.exe     executable user-command 'safer' for MS-DOS
safer.txt     description of user-command 'safer'
man1/safer.1  UNIX manual page of user-command 'safer'

checking.bat  used to check the correctness of user-command 'safer'.
check.c       source code for a program used by 'checking.bat'
check.ref     examples of encrypted data    paper in PostScript format: Massey, J.L., "SAFER K-64:
              A Byte-Oriented Block Ciphering Algorithm", pp. 1-17 in Fast
              Software Encryption (Ed. R. Anderson), Proceedings of the
              Cambridge Security  Workshop, Cambridge, U.K., Dec. 9-11, 1993,
              Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. 809. Heidelberg and
              New York: Springer, 1994.


"Although our design of SAFER K-64 was sponsored by Cylink Corporation
(Sunnyvale, CA, USA), Cylink has explicitly relinquished any proprietary rights
to this algorithm. This largesse on the part of Cylink was motivated by the
reasoning that the company would gain more from new business than it would lose
from competition should many new users adopt this publicly available cipher.
SAFER K-64 has not been patented and, to the best of our knowledge, is free for
use by anyone without fees of any kind and with no violation of any rights of
ownership, intellectual or otherwise."
[Massey, J.L., 1995]