Radio and Electronics

Terry Ritter

2007 May 20

Christmas Mini-Lights FAQ
Common Christmas Lights Questions.
LED Christmas Lights and How to Fix Them
Background and repair of LED lamp sets.
Gertsch Ratio Transformers
Vintage test equipment sets AC ratios with amazing accuracy.
Christmas Lights
Background and repair of mini incandescent lamp sets.
Troubleshooting Christmas Mini-Lights
Trouble-tracing flow charts.
A Modern Breadboarding Technology
Bits of circuit board with soldered insulating dots.
Simple JFET Audio Preamps
A simple, effective, JFET-input circuit.
Measuring Junction Noise
A noise measurement box.
Junction Noise Measurements I
Noise measurements.
Simple Op Amp Audio Preamps
Op amp preamps.
Some Op Amp Audio Design Issues
Op amp design issues.

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