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Is Triple-DES Stronger than DES?

Is this really proven?

It is not clear to me that Ken understood that I had proposed an attack on the overall permutation. Under any particular key, a block cipher is nothing more than Simple Substitution on a block. No matter how many levels there are, the overall transformation is still a block-wide Simple Substitution.

While a codebook attack is generally impractical, it puts lie to the claim that Triple anything is necessarily stronger than Single anything. Groupiness has nothing to do with it.

Although Bohdan may be willing to pay any cost for crypto he thinks secure, in my experience, this is an unusual position. On the contrary, network managers are under extreme pressure to keep up. Even though communication capabilities continue to rise, the demands for increased bandwidth rise much faster. Dreams and desires can always outstrip technical progress.

Network managers often see crypto as a necessary evil, an overhead to the expense of communication. While individuals may have plenty of compute power, network managers currently cannot keep up as it is, and so are strongly motivated to have fast crypto, or none at all.

Modified RC4 Becomes a Dynamic Substitution

Putative RC4 improved.


What is it?

Generalized Feistel Networks

A new idea?

Terry Ritter, his current address, and his top page.

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